Manufacturing welded prefabricated pipes DN25 - DN300 for our customers.

Our pipes strictly adhere to industry regulations, and we invest in our staff’s  high level of expertise and continuous skill development. All our welders are certified for different methods and materials according to the PED standard. Many of our staff have had long careers with our company, so we know our  team’s strengths, which allows us to offer the best quality to our customers. Customers who wish can visit our factory to observe the pipe manufacturing

Ready-to-install piping and metal assembly for industries.

Looking for a partner for pipe manufacturing?

We manufacture custom welded prefabricated pipes DN25 – DN300 for our customers. We also handle pipes with a thickness of less than DN25, such as 8-28 mm compressed air lines and sprinkler pipes. We weld and fit the pipes in our own factory in Humppila, and if necessary, we perform X-ray testing of the welds before sending them for surface treatment. Please contact us!


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